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F4U Corsair

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F4U  Corsair
F4U Corsair was great aircraft besides Hellcat aswell.
New AMP is designed mainly for my studio and shell cover mostly all styles. Well, honestly, no any AMP can cover all the styles, but.....
This time its a one channel AMP with huge tweaks. Fist of all is "Voice" switch: this is a kind of "brake" of second gain stage, so not only it change the over-all gain,
but a kind of preamp response as well ang give me a nice american clean tone if you will.
EQ have my well nkown "Body" control, thats stepless change a character of EQ from "american" to "british" as well.
You might ask: why do myou have here "Volume" and "Master"?? Nice question!!!!!
1) because even same over-all volume sounds different when "Volume" or "Master" cranked up
2) because behind the "Volume" is FX-Loop Send-Return, so I can better adjust FX Loop as well....;-)
After all I implemented "Presence" and "Depth"- nothing new here.
Power section is carthodyne power amp using 6V6 tubes.
"Wait" and "Fire" is actually Stand-By switch, Mains switch is placed on rear.
(c) Sebastian Kulik
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